Salesforce is a web-based customer relationship management system, or simply a sales productivity platform.  It makes you more efficient and effective by putting all of your leads, prospects, and customers in one place which you can reach at your desk or when you’re mobile.  

I’ve seen used first-hand in a variety of situations, but so far the most innovative use was with an application within the program called “Chatter”, which can be described as “Private Twitter” for organizations.  I used Chatter as an a company manager for an off-off Broadway show called “Zombie Wedding”.

I decided to embark full-time as a theater producer on 8/18/2014.  I’m ramping up very quickly with building my fundraising system.  I plan to document my adventure in this blog.  Here’s my plan to learn Saleforce as my sales productivity platform:

9:56 AM 8/27/2014
OBJECTIVE: To be proficient in all aspects of Salesforce: User, Administrator, and Developer

videos – provide feedback on experience


Videos – ADMIN
1. Prepare
2. Setup
3. Engage

Stay tuned for more info about my learning experiences!



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