Back to the Future

In response to an ongoing challenge I have with my friend, Shelby, to keep a regular Blog like his ( ), I’m doing one now.  In my last entry, I wrote about the Google Nexus 4 phone that I had recently purchased.  Now, I have the ultimate app for my cell phone:  time machine.

Most people use their smart phone as a text messenger / e-mail reader.  Occasionally they use it as a regular phone, and I see people on the subway use it as an iPod.  I recently learned how to use my smart phone as a radio.  I purchased a JLabs Crasher on Woot for about $50 — much less than the $99 list and also the lowest price offered on Amazon:

The competing product is the Jawbone Jambox, which lists $199 and is available on Amazon for less:

In my opinion, $60 is totally worth it  for a BlueTooth speaker for your smart phone. My Crasher sounds great, and I believe is better and less expensive than the Jambox. Here’s some evidence provided by JLabs that supports this statement and my purchase:

Either one you choose, you can’t go wrong — in my humble opinion.  Here’s where the “time machine” part come into play.  I’m now a middle-aged guy, and if I want to return to the “glory days” and “the dance hall days” of the 70’s and 80’s, I just have to hear the right song on the radio.  Hear a song you haven’t heard in may years, and the memories will come gushing back . There are two apps which give you access to the radio stations nationwide:  TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio.  I like them both.  If you want to know the difference between the two, here’s a great article from the NY Times:

I was content with having the TuneIn App, until I discovered that John Records Landecker, one of the DJs from my youth is still around and playing for the same same station, WLS Chicago.  The only difference is that he’s now on an FM station, while I fondly remember the mono static speaker sounds of AM Radio.  But when I moved to the West Coast, there was no more WLS AM Chicago that I could listen to — the antenna was too far away.  Now, decades later,  I can listen to WLS again over the Internet using theiHeart Radio app.  John Landecker plays 70’s and 7pm ( ) and 80’s music at 8 pm ( ) on weekends.

I’m loving my time travel back 30 to 40 years, not the mention static-free, crystal clear reception.  It’s the best application I’ve found so far for my phone!  Nostalgia rocks!


One Response to “Back to the Future”

  1. Bob Lazo Says:

    Ok — it’s a $60 “radio” that picks up WLS 94.7, a Chicago radio station that would normally be out of broadcast range. (I would have the phone anyway). Most importantly I get a lot of 70’s and 80’s music. Check it out!

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