Netbook Review – Get one you can upgrade to 2 GB RAM

I’ve had my Asus eeePC R11 CX netbook for a few days now, and I’m in a better position to discuss its pros and cons. The best thing about this netbook is its value. For under about $280, you get an Internet-capable computer that runs basic programs online and off. The cons about this computer is that it’s slow, that is, it’s not as a responsive as a standard laptop, that retails at around $700.

The RAM is the main problem with this particular machine. It’s only 1 GB, and most computers require around 4 GB for normal performance. Also, it’s *not* upgradable to 2 GB, as many of the other Asus eeePC netbooks, so this is a serious limitation. Also, my machine temporaily freezes for a minute every once-in-awhile. I attribute this occurance to whenever I do something that is processor-intenensive, such as working with images or trying to view and online video.

In a way, despite all of the disadvantages of this machine, this is a good one for me to use on a regular basis. I have to spend my time doing simple work such as writing, or programming simple JavaScript. With all of the distractions of video and photos eliminated, I can focus more on writing essays and writing code.
My recommendation for the ASUS eeePC is positive in general. However, I recommend getting a netbook that is upgradable to 2 GB RAM, such as the Acer One or an upgradable ASUS model. to give you better responsivness and a little extra room to work with.

Finally, I’d like to point out that ideally, on a netbook, all master files should saved in the cloud. I’m trying to keep my local files stored primarily in DropBox, so that I will have my files accessible on multiple computers, especially a full-powered desktop. If this computer is ever broken, lost, or stolen I will still have my files that are stored remotely.


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