Windows Netbook v. Chromebook

Last night, I decided to purchase a discontinued Asus eee PC, instead of the Google Chromebook. My reasoning was that I did not act quickly, I would miss the opportunity to purchase a tool that is “ just right”. I’ve owned a Asus eee PC netbook for almost 5 years, and it’s still running a 10 year-old operating system, Windows XP and a 10 year-old productivity software, Microsoft Office 2003, quite well.

So, since Asus is no longer making eee PC netbooks and Windows 7 is being phased out by Windows 8, I felt like this was my last chance. Hopefully, it turns out to be a good investment. I was looking at the high-end Chromebook, and it was priced at $1,200. The Samsung Google Chromebook is $250 – about the same price I paid for the eee PC.

My plan for the netbook is to use it as my primary JavaScript coding computer. I’m thinking of loading MS Office 2013 on it, but my opt just to keep it as a Netbook with as little on-board software as possible. I was initially planning to purchase a Chromebook, but after reading one review of what life is really like using one on the road – I decided that having a netbook that could function effectively off-line would be a smarter choice. I’ll check-in later after the computer arrives with my assessment.



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