The Future of TV

My topic for today will be “the future of television.”  It’s difficult to predict what is exactly going to happen.  However, some observations.

  1.  More online tv.  I have a TV in my office.  I watch whatever programs that will stream to it.  At this moment, I’m using it to view random photos on Google Picasa.
  2. Mobile TV and second screen TV seem over-rated.  I can only pay close attention to one thing at a time.  Therefore, being able to glance at “tickers” is an easy way to check-up on things when I want to take a break from regular TV.
  3. 3D can be a sleeper hit.  Stereoscopic photos and movies have been around for a long time – as early as 1838 for stills, and 1915 for movies.  About 100 years later, so what?    I believe stereoscopy *is* a gimmick, but one that makes the normal photo “otherworldly”.

So to avoid wasting time, check-out video on-demand (VOD), hopefully without commercials, and the quick-glance apps.  Also, lookout for photos that are special.  I may do a project that’s 2D on one shot and 3D on another, just to do a side-by-side comparison.


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